Eric Wuennenberg

Eric WuennenbergEric Wuennenberg is the owner and chief photographer of Performance Photo. He is one of Wisconsin’s most respected photojournalists, with over 30 years experience as an award winning photographer, writer and editor. Eric’s sports, feature and theatrical photos have won numerous Wisconsin Newspaper Association awards. His work has also appeared in magazines like Cross Country Skier, Wisconsin Golfer, Silent Sports and Mother Earth News.

Eric specializes in location photography, taking advantage of available light and the unique conditions that exist at each site to create images feel natural, spontaneous and authentic.

Eric opened Performance Photo in 2001 to take advantage of the breakthroughs occurring in digital imaging.

“I knew digital would open incredible new frontiers for artistic expression in all forms of photography. I wanted to work at the cutting edge and this was the perfect opportunity to strike out on my own,” he recalls.

While originally concentrating on sports, free-lance photojournalism and location photography, Eric soon found himself shooting weddings as well.

“I started getting calls from kids I’d covered in high school, asking if I’d take their wedding pictures,” he said. “I discovered that shooting a wedding was a lot like covering a championship sporting event. You’re capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments and emotions, often in tricky lighting and challenging locations. The action never stops and you have to be ready for anything.”

In addition to his career in photography, Eric has also worked as a chef, resort owner, community organizer, musician and professional ski bum. He lives in Westby with his wife, Carolyn. He’s lived through the wedding experience from a parent’s perspective, with daughters Ellen and Carla tying the knot in the past year.